Register as Fourth Sale Purchaser

Physical Address

Bidder must be a Resident of the State of Missouri.

Acting on Behalf of:

Leave blank if representing yourself. You must provide documentation of the relationship between agent and purchaser. The entity you are an agent for must also be a corporation or entity in the State of Missouri. You will need to provide articles of incorporation or other legal registration supporting existence in Missouri.

Address of Entity:

Mailing Address:

This is the address to which notices and documents will be mailed. This address will also appear on Certificates of Purchase.

Please verify the above information! By clicking "Register as New Purchaser" you are confirming that the information above as being accurate. Any inaccuracy in this information may result in invalidation of any property purchases at the tax sale.

On the next screen you will define who should be listed on the Certificate of Purchase and Collectors Deed for properties purchased on recording documents.

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