Please Read and Acknowledge Notice

Buyer Beware!

It is your responsibility to know what you are bidding on and the associated laws to the tax sale process.

There are NO REFUNDS. All sales are final.

  1. Be sure you have researched the properties you intend to bid on. There may be some properties with federal, state, or other liens, hazardous conditions, or that are considered common areas. It is the responsibility of the bidder to research the property fully and understand how those conditions may impact your purchase.
  2. Non-tax liens or other obligations on the property may not be extinguished at the time of the auction or during any redemption period. We advise you to consult your attorney about liens and/or deeds of trust, etc. (RSMo 140.240)
  3. It is the responsibility of Tax Sale Bidder to understand the statutes associated to the Tax Sale Process. Since a court's interpretation of state statutes overrules any interpretation by the Collector's Office. The Collector cannot answer legal questions and no opinion of the Collector should be considered as legal advise.
  4. Cell Phones are not allowed to be used during the Tax Sale.
  5. Payment of Properties purchased at the Tax Sale must be paid immediately following the end of the sale in Collector's Office or said sale will be invalidated. In addition to the bid amount, we will be collecting $54 on each parcel purchased representing $27 for the Certificate of Purchase Recorder Fee and $27 for the Collector's Deed Recording Fee or Release of the Certificate of Purchase if the Purchaser does not meet the required obligations for obtaining the Collector's Deed.
  6. You will recieve the Certificate of Purchase (which is printed on blue paper) around the second week of September. Please put this in a safe place as you will need to submit it to the Collector's Office if the property is redeemed to receive your monies or when you are obtaining your Collector's Deed.
  7. There is a one (1) year redemption period starting from the day of the Tax Sale this year. After this one year period, you will be eligible to obtain a Collector's Deed if you meet the qualifications listed below. Failure of the purchaser to obtain a Collector's Deed within 1 year and 6 months (18 months) from the date of the Certificate of Purchase results in loss of the purchaser's lien on the property, during which time the property is eligible for redemption (RSMo. 140.340, 140.405, 140.410)
  8. If you purchase a 3rd Offering Property today, you will still need to have a title search performed and within forty-five (45) days after purchase notifying anyone who has an interest in property by both First Class AND First Class Certified Mail of the person's right to redeem the property within ninety (90) days from the postmark date on the notice.
  9. What you will need to turn into the Collector's Office to obtain a Collector's Deed:

All references to Missouri State Statutes above are also links to the associated Missouri State Statute website.


By clicking below you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the information above. Failure to conform to the information above may result in loss of all monies paid and invalidation of purchase.

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